Survivor summary

This is a summary of what I have been able to reconstruct about my life, based on my memories, recovered memories, my collection of thoughts and beliefs and some evidence.

At birth I was taken from my real mother in an unofficial adoption. I was placed with a family of European immigrants in Adelaide Australia. Gary Pfeifer is my adopted name, not my real name. I don’t know my real name.

Systematic abuse began when I was a baby, according to the formula of the brainwashing system. This involved torture, rape and child prostitution. The style of abuse is consistent with MK-ULTRA like trauma based mind control. MK-ULTRA is a style of trauma based mind control that builds on millennia of mind control experience, adding electroshock and modern techniques. Ritual abuse is a core component of trauma based mind control.

In grade 3 and 4 I attended the Observatory Child Psychiatry Clinic in Melbourne. At school i was often violent and couldnt get along with others well. At this time electroshock was used extensively to program me. I have retrieved through FoI some documentation of my attendance at this state government facility.

These systematic abuses were used to train me to do the bidding of those that controlled me. I was expected to be able to kill strangers, and/or myself, on command. This is different to the programming received by familial insiders, who are programmed to continue the practices of the abusers. My programming didn’t go so well, and I was subjected to shut down programming sometime between the ages of about 8 and 14. The intention of electroshock is to divide the mind into many pieces and make memories inaccessible.

At this time I was still under their control and suffered a lot of internal conflict and mental problems. I struggled with poor social skills and academic performance. My stepmother was my primary handler. I lived at home and totally under control until I completed my university degree. During this time I struggled with urges to kill myself and also to kill others. I was extremely afraid of not being able to control these urges. I wasn’t suicidal but I had a lot of suicide programming trying to get me to kill myself before I could stop it. During this time I had a lot of confusing thoughts and never liked the people in my family. I was strongly interested in any story or thought of finding my real mother, yet I consciously thought that my stepmother was my real mother.

Then in 1993 I moved out to another city and had some freedom from my stepfamily. But they always had control over me through regular telephone conversations. At the time I had no idea this was happening and I still couldn’t understand why I was different to others, something I had been always aware of since early childhood.

Later in my twenties, after struggling in life with self-sabotage and semi poverty, I began to recover memories that totally shocked me. These were memories of rape and sexual abuse by my stepparents and some of their friends, along with other memories. Eventually I confronted my stepparents about my memories and of course they denied it and were very rejecting of me. Later they unsuccessfully tried to cause me to commit an inappropriate sexual act that intended to lead to my incarceration. After this time I have no awareness of being directly controlled by them, but im not sure about that either.

I stopped verbal contact with them and continued my healing in about 1999. My healing was 100%emotionally based and that is the only thing that worked. I began to recover awareness of systematic mind control programming. I investigated the symptoms of my life and experience and found online that the only people who had a similar experience to me were people programmed with MK-ULTRA like mind control with Ritual Abuse, and their families always had military ties. My godparents family has ties to the Australian military. Yet I didn’t have much recollection relating to the military. Around this time I published my first

I continued to struggle along in life, not yet aware of all the self-sabotage programming that was still controlling my life path. For a couple of years I thought that I had kind of recovered and would be able to get on with my life, but the self-sabotage programming kept interfering with my life. I had no choice but to continue my healing. By this time I began to feel that I would no longer be at risk of harming myself or others.