Guided Healing Visualization

This Guided Healing Visualization is audio only, and can be used to access deep healing of the subconscious mind.

Latest Version 2 – 15m43s: Download the V2 mp3 album Feedback can be left in the v2 announcement post.


Two ways to use this multiple audio track healing process:

  1. without any predetermined issue or idea – begin with the first track.
  2. with an issue or idea that has already arisen – skip to the second track.

If more time is needed to do work in the visualization, play can be paused with a single click of some headset buttons.
Some find that double clicking the button, or the power button, will skip to the next track.

This guided visualization:

  • does not change what happened in your life, or your memories.
  • does not reduce the distinction between reality and imagination.
  • may change your interpretation of your life experiences.
  • may change your conclusions about your life and about yourself.

The audio mentions “timeline”, “merging”, and a “safe space of your creation”.


  • this is a minds-eye representation of the events in your life, in order.
  • it contains references to unalterable memories, and alterable interpretations/opinions.


  • is the process of visualizing another version of our self, coming into us and becoming one being.
  • may happen easily and quickly, or may be impossible until a later time.
  • may be resisted by a self that does not trust us – it may first require explaining the situation, negotiating or making friends. It is typical that the other self has some separate consciousness. It may be like dealing with a fearful child, requiring comforting and building of trust over time.
  • may be impossible due to the rare case of the other self being a disguised intruder. Also possible, are true selves being disguised as something else.

A safe space of your creation:

  • a place created in the minds-eye.
  • separate from the timeline.
  • can hold selves that can not yet be merged.
  • can visit anytime for visualizing further healing work.

I created these visualizations for personal use, and they may not be suitable for everyone. After using the guided visualizations of others for so many years, I finally created one for myself that is more suited to my needs.

This guided visualization:

  • is freely available for anyone to use and is free of obligation or contract.
  • is partially based on visualizations by Christopher Howard, Brandon Bays, and Melanie Tonia Evans – also many other influence and personal experience.
  • is tailored to me, so it may not suit others.
  • Feedback is welcome.


Privacy Statement: I don’t require or intend to collect any information about anyone that uses these visualizations. I will not use the information WordPress makes available by anyone who gives feedback to me through this page, or any blog post that points here.

Freedom Statement: Downloading and using this visualization does not place any obligation or contract from me onto the user. No payment of any kind is required.