Guided healing visualization / meditation

Update: A more recent version of this Guided Visualization is available. Go to this page to download it.

After using the guided visualizations of others for so many years, I finally created one for myself that is more suited to my needs. Here is is for you to freely use.

The following information is included in the zip file of the multi track mp3 album (click to download).

Two ways to use this multiple audio track healing process:

  1. without any predetermined issue or idea – begin with the first track.
  2. with an issue or idea that has already arisen – begin with the second track.

This guided visualization:

  • does not change what happened in your life, or your memories.
  • does not reduce the distinction between reality and imagination.
  • may change your interpretation of your life experiences.
  • may change your conclusions about your life and about yourself.

The audio mentions “timeline”, “merging”, and a “safe space of your creation”.


  • this is a minds-eye representation of the events in your life, in order.
  • it contains references to unalterable memories, and alterable interpretations/opinions.


  • is the process of visualizing another version of ourself, coming into us and becoming one being.
  • may happen easily and quickly, or may be impossible until a later time.
  • may be resisted by a self that does not trust us – it may first require explaining the situation, negotiating or making friends. It is typical that the other self has some separate consciousness. It may be like dealing with a fearful child, requiring comforting and building of trust over time.
  • may be impossible due to the rare case of the other self being a disguised intruder. Also possible, are true selves being disguised as something else.

A safe space of your creation:

  • a place created in the minds-eye.
  • separate from the timeline.
  • can hold selves that can not yet be merged.
  • can visit anytime for visualizing further healing work.

This guided visualization:

  • is freely available for anyone to use and is free of obligation or contract.
  • is partially based on visualizations by Brandon Bays, Christopher Howard, and Melanie Tonia Evans – also many other influence and personal experience.
  • is tailored to me, so it may not suit others. Feedback is welcome.


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