My Investment in My True Path

It was brought to my attention, by a language channel’s recent video on how to motivate continued progress in learning (JapanesePod101) – that described tips to assist in learning – that one great benefit to learning a new language is having an investment to lose.

This got me asking myself, as I clearly have made a commitment to my healing path: What investment have I made in my path of healing, that could be lost?

It took a bit of analysis and pushing through some mental barriers.

I must, as a necessity, have made in investment in my true path, for me to continually proceed, with my healing work, otherwise I would not have continued for decades. For an extended moment, I struggled to realize what my investment was. But then, it was clear.

My investment in my path in life was what I had discarded. The opportunities and path in life that I have discarded as options. I have discarded things like career, family, wealth, a good name – many kinds of prosperity I have discarded – but for what?

I have discarded these things because I cannot bear them. In this way, I have trusted the universe to have the wisdom, or at least the foresight, to lay out the best path for me. And I have done this out of desperation – of having every door closed upon me – of having every opportunity thrown in my face as an insult to my value as a human being.

I cannot keep a hold of these socially-valuable opportunities, possessions – these external things – they are so injurious to my peaceful mindset. They are not for me. I didnt control these things. It is more accurate to admit that the universe, life, is living through me, and I am just a vessel for phenomena to express. It is the universe that sets my path and decorates me with the tools and ‘leanness’ to travel my path.


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