I dont need an excuse to follow my gut feelings

For a long time i tolerated a person that creeped me out, but didn’t do anything obviously wrong. my gut tells me this person is pretending to be a survivor and is one of the most active list member i ha e ever met. But never describing any personal healing work, only referring to doing so. And just come tiny endlessly on posts in a way that just creeps me out.

i dont know if others on these lists react in the same way to this person. I haven’t asked anyone because i didn’t feel justified in my feeling, i didnt have the supporting evidence my mi d demanded.

Now i decided that i have had enough of ignoring my gut feelings! I dont need evidence to support it. The feelings are their own evidence! I can act on them without justification! So i have done so.

From now on I will act on my gut feelings without justification.



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